Find your ‘Ikigai’ and transform your outlook on life & business

Remember the recent Instagram post by Deepika? It was about Ikigai, the Japanese concept meaning “reason for being.”

The Japanese people believe that finding your Ikigai can lead you to live a more fulfilled & happy life.

The philosophy involves four spheres. The point where they overlap is one’s Ikigai.

1. Finding what you love is the first sphere. This is your passion. 2. The second sphere is your talent—something you are great at.

3. The third sphere is your mission, it involves finding what the world needs. 4. The fourth sphere is your profession - is what you are paid for.

Find one thing that can be placed in all four spheres. This is your Ikigai.

It is not easy to find the perfect overlap at once. But, you can begin brainstorming ideas about how your mission, passion, talent, and profession can align.