How Kerala’s agricultural scenario is changing!

Here’re some recent developments in the agri sector that prove we are on the right track

Kerala has decided to create a Comprehensive Agricultural Development Plan to promote agri-startups

The Kerala govt has decided to provide funds to those who are willing to do high-tech farming as well as precision & vertical farming.

The State Horticulture Mission will implement the Open Precision Farming scheme in the state offering financial assistance under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana.

Kerala has signed deal with Mumbai-based IIP to develop packaging for farm produce so that local farmers can compete with multinational food companies in the market.

Kerala Agriculture Department will soon launch an e-commerce platform ‘Kerala Agro’ to help farmers and agri-startups to find markets for their products globally.

A group of farmers in Vypeen has recaptured the past glory of the island and its own ‘brand’ of Pokkali rice by converting over 129 hectares of barren land into Pokkali rice fields with the support of Kerala Agriculture Department.

To boost milk production in the state and provide self-employment opportunities to people, the Kerala government has decided to expand the “Ksheera gramam project” (Dairy Village project) to more panchayats in the state.

Eldho Joseph, a 62-year-old retired police officer, in Kerala has successfully cultivated biryani rice “Sona Masoori”, which is farmed only rarely in Kerala.

Vijayan P A, a Kerala farmer, has earned Rs one lakh in just 70 days by farming watermelon in a 50-cent plot.

Twenty-five students from Edavanakkad in Ernakulam successfully harvested Pokkali variety of rice and launched it in the market under a brand name.

Varghese Tharakan, owner of ‘Ayurjack’ farm in Kerala grows a special variety of jackfruit that yield fruit throughout the year and last year, he got an order from the organisers of Qatar FIFA World Cup to export jackfruits to the WC venue.

Students of a school in Wayanad turned their school’s backyard into a vegetable farm with the help of Krishi Bhavan.