How this Kerala youth with rare genetic condition fought body shaming to succeed in life

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Adil E of Malappuram in Kerala was born with a rare genetic disorder that made him very lean and lacking in strength and stamina

Adil faced constant taunts and shaming about his appearance during school days

He turned to books and found inspiration in the autobiography of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam - 'Wings of Fire'. 

At 25, he finally got diagnosed with Mitochondrial Neuro-gastrointestinal Encephalopathy (MNGIE), a rare condition

Adil talks openly about his disorder to spread awareness so others can benefit. He remains positive by setting personal goals.

Now working as an analytics consultant for a company in Kochi, this graduate in Mechanical Production Engineering says that the constant body shaming gave him the strength to become who he is now.

He went paragliding in 2022, first item on his bucket list. He wishes to try skydiving next, proving he can do anything.

Despite all odds, Adil has the willpower and strength to live life to the fullest on his own terms