Why Krishna Teja is the People's Collector

V R Krishna Teja Mylavarapu, IAS, has captured the hearts of the people through his remarkable initiatives, creating a strong bond with the community.

Here are some recent endeavours that have garnered widespread attention, solidifying his reputation as a true bureaucrat dedicated to public welfare.

Meeting 13 children whose entire education will be sponsored by the Sarojini Damodaran Foundation. These resilient youngsters have tragically lost their parents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sharing happiness with a nursing student whose course fee will be borne by All Kerala Chemists & Druggists Association. She had lost her father to COVID.

Presenting laptop to a student who needed it for her studies. The laptop was sponsored by Thrissur Business Group.

Thanking a group of artists for the beautiful portrait and happily posing a picture with them.

Motivating a young girl who expressed her aspiration to become a District Collector when she grows up.

Sharing a happy moment with an elderly man after helping him get a three-wheeler, sponsored by the Thrissur Chamber of Commerce. He had lost his leg in an accident.