How 3 friends converted 4.5 acres of barren land into farm in Kerala

Three friends from diverse backgrounds have embarked on an organic farming journey

They converted barren land in Alappuzha District of Kerala into a haven of pesticide-free vegetables.

Suresh Kumar, P K Sujith, and Rojeesh P Xavier were worried about the overuse of pesticides in conventional farming

The trio presented their idea to the Alappuzha Diocese

The church agreed to hand over the 4.5 acres of land near the Government Medical College at Vandanam in Alappuzha

Pooling their resources and skills, they transformed the barren land into a thriving organic farm.

They now grow over 15 types of pesticide-free vegetables and sell directly to consumers

Farming techniques used include composting and crop rotation

As the demand for their fresh produce grows, they now hope to convert more unused land into organic farms.