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How three friends in Kerala turned barren land into a vegetable farm

From Left - Sujith P K, Rojeesh Xavier and Suresh Kumar Kallarcode.

Inspired by a shared passion for promoting healthier eating habits, three friends from diverse background in Kerala have embarked on an organic farming journey, converting a barren land in Alappuzha into a haven of pesticide-free vegetables.

What’s more, their farming venture has now started to attract people from diverse fields to join them in farm work as a leisure and de-stressing activity.

Suresh Kumar, P K Sujith, and Rojeesh P Xavier decided to embark on this organic farming journey after realising the alarming increase in the use of pesticides and chemicals in conventional farming. Concerned about the impact on both human health and the environment, they brainstormed ways and stumbled upon the idea of cultivating their pesticide-free produce.

When the trio presented their idea to the Alappuzha Diocese, which owns about 4.5 acres of land near Government Medical College at Vandanam in Alappuzha, the Church authorities readily agreed and handed over the land for farming. Pooling their resources and skills, they transformed the barren land into a thriving organic farm. While Sujith is an M-Tech graduate working as a village officer, Suresh Kumar works as a production controller for Doordarshan Thiruvananthapuram’s Krishi Darshan programme and Rojeesh is a farmer.

They now cultivate all sorts of vegetables like Bitter Gourd, Snake Gourd, Ridge Gourd, Tomato, Ash Gourd, Pumpkin, Bottle Gourd, Lady Finger, Cucumber, Pea, Brinjal, Green Chilli, and Broad Beans at the farm.

“We sell the produce directly to the people. There is a huge demand for the vegetables grown at our farm. People know that we don’t use any sort of pesticides. We work at the farm for three hours every day,” Suresh Kumar told “Open Digest.”

“Our goal is to convert more barren land into farms where we can produce nutrient-rich, chemical-free vegetables,” he said. As the region is known for loose soil, the trio committed themselves to sustainable farming practices, utilising composting, crop rotation, and natural pest control methods to maintain soil fertility and protect their crops. They adopted organic farming principles, ensuring that their produce was not only safe for consumption but also environmentally friendly.

Word quickly spread about their initiative, and soon, the local residents and the doctors working at the medical college rallied behind them, offering support by purchasing vegetables from them. “The farm is now a movement demonstrating that these kinds of small initiatives can make a significant impact in society and create a community bonding for a common cause,” Suresh Kumar said.

They can be contacted at 9447468077.

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