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How a Kerala startup helps apartments dispose of waste scientifically & cost-effectively

Residents of a famous residential apartment in Kochi, Kerala – RDS Nedungadan Residency- are now a proud lot after they began to dispose off their solid waste both degradable and non-degradable in a scientific and cost-effective way promoting green earth.

Thanks to startup Kenterra launched by Dr C N Manoj, a pharma scientist who quit his high paying corporate job to chase his passion to provide sustainable solutions in waste management.

For all these years, the association of the apartment used to hand over the waste to a third party collector on a daily basis without realising that the person was just dumping their waste in a landfill.

“We never knew that our waste was dumped in an unscientific manner. But after engaging Dr Manoj and his team in Kenterra for waste management, we are proud and happy that our waste is disposed in an environment friendly manner and that too right in front of our eyes,” said Sunil George, President of RDS Nedungadan Residents Association.

“Dr Manoj’s innovative approach is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective, making it a game-changer for apartments struggling with waste disposal challenges,” he added.

Kenterra has developed a natural composting accelerator/inoculum called “Composorb” which turns all biodegradable wastes like kitchen waste, food waste, meat, fish, fruit peels, seeds and vegetable waste into a nutrient rich organic planting media and manure. The waste collected by the staff from the door step of each resident is segregated and scientifically disposed. While bio-degradable waste is treated in compost bins set up by Kenterra at the apartment premises, the plastic waste is sorted and sent for recycling. The bio-medical waste is separated and transported to the specific treatment centre for scientific disposal.

Kenterra only charges a nominal amount from each household per month for waste management and there are no hidden or additional charges.

“The compost bins set up by Kenterra to treat the waste do not generate any smell. Everything is done in a professional manner. We are so proud to say that we scientifically dispose our waste to convert them into organic manure,” said Suma Rajendra Kumar, another resident of the apartment.

What sets Kenterra apart is its cost-effectiveness. Dr Manoj’s innovative technology significantly reduces the need for expensive incineration methods, which are not only detrimental to the environment but also financially burdensome. The organic manure generated by treating the waste is used as alternate to soil in gardening.

“Major apartments across Kerala and in Bengaluru have eagerly adopted our waste management solutions. We deploy a team of trained staff at each apartment to manage the waste in a proper way,” Dr Manoj said adding that his startup handles the waste right from the door step of the resident.

“We dont have any hidden charges. The prescribed monthly fee collected from each apartment covers all the costs that include processing and transporting the waste,” he said.

“Dr Manoj and Kenterra have not only helped us manage our waste efficiently but has also made a noticeable positive impact on our environment. We are thrilled with the cost savings as well,” said Reena Joy, another resident.

Dr Manoj’s journey from the pharmaceutical lab to the waste management field has been fuelled by his dedication to environmental conservation. He believes that the principles of science and innovation can be harnessed to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time. “We have a responsibility to future generations to protect our environment,” he added.

Kenterra has not only gained recognition within Kerala but is also serving many major apartment complexes in Bengaluru.

As Dr Manoj continues to expand his startup’s reach, it is clear that his scientific expertise is making a significant impact on the solid waste problem in Kerala. Through his innovative approach, Dr Manoj is not only saving money for major apartments but also contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for the state and beyond.

For more details visit www.kenterra,in or contact 9072270007

(This article is part of our brand campaign on sustainable waste management “Clean and Green”)

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