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Kerala students create smart motorcycle: Helmet start, crash alert, auto-off for drunk riders

Hilal Roshan and Muhammed Sinan with their smart motorcycle. Image Credit: Special Arrangement.

Two school students in Kerala have unveiled a groundbreaking motorcycle that promises to revolutionise safety on two wheels. The motorcycle, which they presented at a district school’s science fair in Kochi, incorporates cutting-edge technology to ensure that riders are protected in multiple ways. It won’t start unless the rider wears a helmet, sends an alert message to a mobile number if the bike crashes or falls, and switches off the engine if the rider reeks of alcohol.

Hilal Roshan and Muhammed Sinan, the plus two students of Government Higher Secondary School (GHSS) in Chengamand, Ernakulam, have created this innovative bike with a range of safety features due to concerns about the rising number of accidents involving two-wheelers. The most remarkable aspect of their creation is the bike’s ignition system, which only activates when the rider is wearing a helmet. This simple yet ingenious feature could potentially save countless lives by ensuring that riders never hit the road without proper head protection.

“We worked for nearly three years to develop the systems and integrate them with the motorcycle. We have spent over Rs 20,000 to develop the technology. We have also incorporated an accident alert system into the bike using a combination of sensors. The bike can detect when an accident has occurred and automatically send an alert message to pre-programmed emergency contacts. This feature could be helpful in situations where the rider is unable to call for help themselves, potentially saving lives in critical moments,” Muhammed Sinan told “Open Digest.”

Hilal Roshan and Muhammed Sinan with their smart motorcycle

The accident alert system uses a combination of accelerometers and GPS technology to determine when a crash has taken place. Upon detecting an accident, the bike’s onboard processor immediately sends out an alert, providing the rider’s location and other critical information to designated contacts.

Another groundbreaking feature is an alcohol detection mechanism integrated with the helmet. To prevent riders from operating the bike while under the influence, the helmet has sensors that analyse the rider’s breath. “If alcohol is detected, the bike will not start, reducing the risk of accidents caused by impaired judgment and reflexes,” Muhammed added.

The students have also developed an air suction, fuel pump, and exhaust system, ensuring maximum mileage for the bike and reducing air pollution. Their innovative creation is a testament to the power of young minds and serves as a shining example of how innovation and technology can be harnessed to make the roads safer for all.

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