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Kerala to conduct massive migration survey to analyse new trends

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Kerala is all set to conduct a massive analysis of the migration of people taking place from the state to other countries. The decision to undertake such an extensive migration survey was taken in the wake of shifting trends in migration in Kerala after post-Covid period.

A team under Dr S Irudaya Rajan of Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation (GIFT) will undertake the Kerala Migration Survey (KMS) 2023 which will analyse all factors that include the reason for migration, the age group of the migrating people, their educational qualification and financial background. “It’s going to be one of the massive surveys to be done in Kerala. We will analyse all changes and new trends in the migration of the people from Kerala post 2018. A lot of changes took place in the migration pattern during the pandemic and post-pandemic period. The survey will help us gather new inputs,” S Irudaya Rajan told “Open Digest“.

The Kerala government has issued an order approving the Kerala Migration Survey to be undertaken at a cost of Rs 1.72 crore. An official order said migration has been a key engine of Kerala’s socio-economic activities for many decades.

“The patterns of migration and remittances of Non Resident Keralites (NRKs) significantly influence the policy making process in Kerala. In the post pandemic world there is a greater need to assess the shifting trends of migration activities in Kerala like return migration, reintegration and rehabilitation of returnee emigrants etc. Additionally, the government considers that it will be of high value at this particular time to estimate the current stock of Kerala migrants globally,” the order said.

A Mckinsey report says that a comprehensive data on migration was necessary for policy makers. “Decision makers absolutely need one thing to devise appropriate policies: reliable information. Relevant, high-quality data is critical for designing, implementing, and evaluating policies that can generate substantial economic, social, and humanitarian benefits for countries and migrants alike,” the report added.

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