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Kerala youth’s device makes milk testing affordable for dairy farmers

Sanith P S

A young engineer in Kerala has come out with a cost-effective milk analyser, providing a much-needed solution for dairy farmers who want to assess the quality of their milk. Sanith P S, 33, of Payyavoor in Kannur has developed the analyser after realising the fact that milk analysers available in India were very expensive.

Sanith, who has done his engineering in electronics, says that there was only one Indian milk analyser manufacturer while rest of the analysers available in India were imported from Bulgaria and were very expensive.

Sanith’s innovation is poised to significantly impact the dairy industry allowing farmers to secure fair prices for their produce. Sanith has set up a startup at his native place in Kannur to manufacture the milk analyser. Inspired by the challenges faced by local dairy farmers in assessing the quality of the milk produced, Sanith worked for nearly three years to develop this cutting-edge milk analyser that is affordable without compromising on accuracy.

His invention comes at a crucial time as small-scale dairy farmers often struggle with the high costs associated with imported milk analysers from Bulgaria. “I founded my startup SK Electronics in 2020 for manufacturing and supply of different electronic equipment. At that time, there was only one manufacturer in India for the milk analyser while other devices were imported from Bulgaria. They were all very expensive. So I decided to develop an electronic device having all the features. It took three years of trial and error to ultimately develop the milk analyser with several functionalities required for large dairy farms and all kinds of milk collection centers,” Sanith told “Open Digest.”

In fact, Sanith has developed three devices for analysing the quality of the milk. While the analyser “Milkozonic Rapid” developed by Sanith determines lactose, protein, CLR and added water in milk within twenty-five seconds and shows it on a digital display, the other device “Milkozonic Rapid Combo” removes the small bubbles that are usually found in milk. The third product is a milk data processor unit which prints out the data obtained from different test results. Sanith is planning to integrate these three machines into a single machine in the near future.

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  1. Dileep Singh December 22, 2023

    Very good rapid combo machine milk analyzer good

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