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This Saas-Bahu duo from Kerala earns lakhs selling pickles made with love

Philo Thomas and Tincy Thomas. Photo: Special Arrangement.

This Saas and Bahu from Kerala are a different league as the Bahu, realising the skill of the Saas in making tasty pickles, turned it into a thriving business venture earning big revenue.

Philo Thomas, 66, and her daughter-in-law Tincy Thomas, 36, from Muhamma in Alappuzha are now capturing the hearts of people across the world with their mouth-watering pickles under the brand name “Philo’s Pickles”.

It all began when Tincy, a post-graduate in fashion management, motivated Philo Thomas to make pickles as a means to emotionally cheer her up after the death of her father-in-law, K J Thomas, in 2017.

Philo, an expert cook, soon found happiness and emotional upliftment spending more time preparing different varieties of pickles. Initially, the pickles were shared with family and friends. Soon, encouraged by the overwhelming response from the people who enjoyed every bit of the pickles, Tincy decided to take the small hobby activity to the next level and launch their own pickle business.

Philo and Tincy teamed up and embarked on a culinary adventure that totally changed their lives forever. “Mom’s pickles have a unique flavor. The best part of her pickles is that, even after a year in storage, they never go bad and stay fresh. She is really happy that she could provide homemade pickles with no added preservatives to others,” Tincy told “Open Digest“.

While Tincy manages the marketing and sales for Philo’s pickles through multiple channels and social media, Philo focuses on the preparation of pickles, including sourcing the best of products for making the pickles.

With unwavering determination and a commitment to quality, Philo Pickles could gain traction from Keralites, captivating taste buds with their unique flavors and artisanal craftsmanship. Word of mouth spread like wildfire, and before they knew it, orders were pouring in from across the world. They now ship their pickles across India and even to customers in the United Kingdom and Canada.

“We also make custom-based pickles according to the specific needs of the customers. We are currently working to expand our portfolio by adding new varieties of dry fish pickles. Apart from pickles, we are planning to introduce fresh homemade masala powders such as sambar powder,” added Tincy.

“Philo’s Pickles” have a variety of homemade pickles that includes Beef, Fish and Prawns pickles along with seasonal- Mango, Sweet Lime, Bilimbi-Dates. They also make meat masala powder and dry shrimp chutney powder.

Today, Philo’s Pickles stands as a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and family bonds.

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