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Visually impaired Kerala teacher crowdfunds homes for her students

Lincy George along with her husband Sebastian George.

Lincy George of Idukki in Kerala is not just a teacher for her students but a noble human being who has been tirelessly working for their upliftment constructing homes, providing clothes and food. For this 44-year-old maths teacher of Government Tribal Higher Secondary School, Kattappana, life is all about ensuring better living conditions for her students who come from an economically weak background.

Though Lincy does not have eye-sight in her right eye, the disability has never been an obstacle for her to illuminate the lives of her students in the last 17 years. Lincy says that she has been getting tremendous support from like-minded people for her noble mission when she conducted crowd funding to raise funds.

It all began when Lincy visited a house of one of her students after joining the school as a teacher. She was taken aback seeing a tent in which the student was living along his mother and three siblings. Determined to bring a change in the life of the student, she convinced her friends and other people to donate money to construct a house for the student and she accomplished it in 2015.

“Every child deserves a place to call home, a place where they feel safe and loved,” she said. This motivated her to make it her life’s mission to ensure a safe and better living condition for her students.  

She soon succeeded in raising sufficient funds to construct home for six of her students and their families. “I asked for help from my friends and other people through social media to help my students and they came forward to help me. I am grateful to everyone who helped me in my mission. I still remember when a person gave me Rs 57, the only money he had with him to help me,” Lincy told “Open Digest“.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lincy and her husband Sebastian George, 47, arranged food kits and groceries for the students and their families. They also launched a breakfast program to serve breakfast for over a hundred students.

“One of my student from first standard vomited so badly one morning at the school. When enquired I got to know that she hasn’t eaten anything properly for the past several days because her parents couldn’t find any work. This moved me and we launched a program in 2022 to provide free breakfast for such students. My colleagues and friends helped me to raise fund for it,” she said.

In fact, her selfless dedication has not only transformed the lives of countless children but has also inspired others to join her in her noble cause.

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  1. Anonymous May 1, 2024

    Noble work lincy and sebastian
    Uvr not only Christians but a living example of the love and compassion of vhrist.
    I am a bedridden lady in chennai.i would like ur whats up no let me see if the lord guides me to join hands with u both.ibtoo does small time help to poor.
    Love prayers regards
    We can remember each other in prayers


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