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Blind from birth, Kerala student defies odds to pursue her passion for music & dance

Krishnendu J. Image Credit: Special Arrangement

Impairments have never deterred 12-year-old Krishnendu from pursuing her passion for music and dance. Completely blind and partially deaf in one ear since birth, Krishnendu J of Mannar in Alappuzha has amazed everyone with her singing talent and graceful dance moves.

As the nation celebrates Children’s Day today, Krishnendu stands out as a child inspiring the world through resilience and determination in overcoming her physical disabilities. “I love to sing. Singing gives me immense happiness and strength to overcome sorrow,” Krishnendu, who is studying in the eighth standard at Government Blind School, Olassa in Kottayam, told Open Digest. Krishnendu has already won several prizes and awards, including the Ujwala Balyam award in 2022.

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While Krishnendu’s mother, Divya, is a homemaker, her father, Jayakumar, works in a private company. “We fully support her. As a baby, she would only go to sleep when we sang her lullabies. She started showing her affection for music when we noticed her closely listening to songs. From the age of three, she began learning music,” Divya said, adding that Krishnendu used to attentively listen to songs on YouTube. Despite her difficulty hearing and being unable to see the notes, her musical ear enables her to intuitively pick up the right pitch and rhythm.

In addition to her melodious voice, Krishnendu has also learned classical and folk dance. For her, dance provides a sense of freedom and energy.

Academically bright, Krishnendu dreams of becoming a doctor one day. “I want to be a paediatrician and prove that disability should not limit anyone,” she added. Krishnendu does not seek sympathy for her impairments. Instead, she encourages those with disabilities to let no obstacle stop them from pursuing their ambitions.

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