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Breaking barriers, this Kerala mom is living life to the fullest

Ajisha Haridas

While family responsibilities tie down many women, a 38-year-old married woman and mother of three sons in Kerala is breaking gender stereotypes by conquering mountain peaks and embracing the thrill of Bullet riding. Ajisha Haridas of Mulangunnathkavu, Thrissur, is not only challenging societal norms but also inspiring others to pursue their dreams, regardless of age or gender.

Ajisha is on a mission to live life to the fullest. Juggling the responsibilities of marriage and motherhood, she has managed to carve out time for her true passions – adventure, love for arts, music, and writing. Ajisha, who was working with the Kerala Police, later joined KSFE as a Special Grade Assistant.

In fact, she is donning multiple roles chasing her passion. Apart from being a live announcer at All India Radio, Thrissur, since 2010, she has dubbed for films and acted in them. She became the Mountaineering State Champion in 2013 and also trains students in swimming. Her adventurous spirit didn’t stop at mountaineering or swimming; she learned two-wheeler riding at the age of 32 and bought a Royal Enfield motorcycle. She now navigates through winding roads, challenging the notion that certain activities are reserved for men. Her love for the open road and the freedom it brings has become a source of empowerment and liberation.

Ajisha Haridas

“My greatest strength is my family. My husband, Haridas, and my three sons encourage me to do everything to the fullest. They love me unconditionally and support me,” Ajisha told “Open Digest.”

Ajisha believes that she should be an example for her three sons, teaching them that women should be given equal opportunities in every aspect of life. “I want them to grow up knowing that pursuing one’s passion knows no gender boundaries. If I can do it, anyone can,” she said.

Ajisha puts forward a strong message to all those women who feel confined by societal expectations. “It’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Age or marital status should never limit our pursuit of happiness,” she added.


  1. Sam Jacob January 23, 2024

    Good initiative.Wish you all the best in your new venture

  2. Francisco Faberiano Fernandes January 23, 2024

    Sky is the limit to achieve overriding excellence . As long as you take satisfaction and offend no one.. As a man conceives so he can achieve goes the adage…

  3. Anonymous January 25, 2024

    Climbing mountains, riding bicycle, train others how to swim, is this adventures 😁

  4. Anonymous January 25, 2024

    Three cheers to Ajisha being so inspirational more power to Ajisha 👏👏👏🥰

  5. Helen January 27, 2024

    You are the real women, bold enough show the rwal power of women..
    Hats off to you..

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