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Dentist to Dr Florist: How hobby became a successful business for this Kerala doctor

Dr Farhana Salam with her works of art.

Craft papers can do wonders and this doctor from Thrissur, Kerala is into creation of different works of art using craft papers, attracting buyers. Started just as a hobby during her school days, Dr Farhana Salam has now matured into a leading craft paper artist by continuously innovating and experimenting with different styles and techniques to create new products.

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Amidst her busy schedule as a dentist and a home-maker, 28-year-old Farhana hailing from Vadookara in Thrissur finds time every day to work in her studio at home. “I started learning paper craft in fourth standard while studying at Athani Assisi School. I liked it and continued learning. I even attended many competitions during my school days and won prizes. I decided to seriously pursue paper craft when my father Abdul Salam bought me all the required materials for craft making after I was forced to stay at home for a month due to a fever while studying in plus one,” Farhana told “Open Digest”.

Though she joined the BDS course after schooling, she continued with her passion on paper crafts. She started an Instagram page “Dr Florist ” displaying the works she created using different varieties of papers. “I am getting a lot of orders from people after seeing my products. In fact, I utilised the Covid induced lockdown period to get more into paper crafts,” she added.

Farhana, who is married to Ihsan and has a two-year-old son, has a word of inspiration to those who have kept aside their hobbies and passion due to daily work chores. “If we dedicate an hour a day to do what we love and are passionate about, we will get results,” she said. Apart from conducting exhibitions of her works, Farhana also imparts training to those who are interested in paper craft.

She says though her products are made of paper, it lasts long if one takes proper care of it. “Generally, people ask me doubts about the durability of paper crafts. Like any other art products, craft paper products also have a longer life,” she said, adding that she gets orders for gift items specifically for occasions like birthdays and wedding anniversaries. “I am very much indebted to my family and my friends who have been supporting me to pursue my passion,” Farhana said.

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