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Dr Visazo Kikhi of Nagaland is now the trending brand ambassador of Kerala

Dr Visazo Kikhi, a Nagaland resident who did his MBBS and MS in government medical colleges in Kerala. Image Credit:

A Nagaland native is now the trending brand ambassador of Kerala state’s healthcare facilities. A video of Dr Visazo Kikhi praising the healthcare facilities in Kerala has taken the internet by storm. The video grabbed people’s attention when it was first shared by Jacob Zimomi, Minister of Public Health, Nagaland, on his X handle. Since then, it has garnered millions of views and shares across various platforms. Keralites took the young doctor’s story to heart and showered him with praise on social media.

Dr Visazo Kikhi spent 10 of the most important years of his life in Kerala, pursuing his MBBS and MS degrees in government medical colleges in the state. He completed his MBBS at Kozhikode Government Medical College, and his Master of Surgery was obtained at Thiruvananthapuram Government Medical College. Within two years of staying in Kerala, he learned Malayalam and now speaks it fluently.

In the video, Dr Visazo Kikhi eloquently narrates his transformative experience in the state, highlighting the outstanding quality of healthcare services, medical infrastructure, and the culture of inclusivity he found in Kerala.

“I have been in Kerala for the last 10 years. People used to ask me why I chose Kerala for my studies. I used to reply that I love Kerala very much and wanted to continue my life there. During my early years in my native place in Nagaland, we had many Malayalees as our neighbors. I learned about Kerala from them, and when I grew up, I chose Kerala for my higher studies. When I arrived in Kozhikode for my MBBS studies, I was astonished by the healthcare facilities and the amiable nature of the people. I had an excellent environment for my studies. I will cherish the memories and the life I had in Kerala. It’s a wonderful place to study and live,” says Dr Visazo Kikhi.

Dr Visazo’s life is a story of extraordinary courage and determination, as he had to overcome a significant setback in his life to achieve the pinnacle of education in medical studies. He lost his left leg in a train accident while studying in Class VIII. But he didn’t lose heart and continued his journey in life, conquering new heights on a prosthetic leg.

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