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Energy Observer, world’s first hydrogen-powered vessel, arrives in Kochi

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In its first stopover in India, Energy Observer, world’s first vessel powered by renewable energies and hydrogen, has arrived in Kochi.

Developed in France, this zero-emission yacht has been sailing for more than five years as a laboratory for the ecological transition. It has been conducting stopovers in various cities around the globe and Kochi is where the vessel is making its first stopover in India.

Hydrogen, solar, wind and water power, all the solutions are experimented with, tested and optimised in the yacht with a view to making clean energies a practical reality that is accessible to all. The combined energy of these renewable resources are harnessed to extract hydrogen from seawater through electrolysis.

Electrolysis generates hydrogen by splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. This process helps to create a long-term energy storage for the yacht. This storage allows the vessel to travel autonomously without refuelling or dependence on good weather conditions.

Meanwhile, the Government of India, through Inland Waterways Authority of India, has signed an MoU with Cochin Shipyard Limited, to build the country’s first indigenous hydrogen fuel cell catamaran vessel for Varanasi.

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