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FIX IT: Startup by youngster records growth from Rs 5000 investment to Rs 30 lakh turnover in two years

KOCHI: From Rs 5000 investment in 2020 to Rs 30 lakh turnover company in 2022. This may sound quite exaggerated. But 21-year-old Mohammed Abdul Gafoor, a college student from Malappuram in Kerala, has shown the world how an idea if implemented with dedication and hard work could reap rich and evolve into a major business model.

Gafoor’s success saga in setting up a startup firm “FIX IT” became a talking point in the state after he recently won state-level Global Student Entrepreneur Award (GSEA) instituted by Kerala Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization. He  won ‘studentpreneur’  award for his successful business model of his startup ‘FIX IT’ which he launched in 2020 with a paltry sum of Rs 5,000.

It was an idea that struck him during the pandemic period that helped him give wings to the start up that now offers almost all household-related services. The startup has grown to clock business worth Rs 30 lakh in just two years. Gafoor is a second-year BCA student at the SAFI institute of Advanced Study, Vazhayoor, Malappuram. He has made it to regional finals of GSEA held at Visakhapatnam. GSEA is the world’s premier business competition for student entrepreneurs organised by Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO). 


The idea of FIX IT bloomed in July 2020 when Gafoor noticed people of his locality struggling to find workers for plumbing, gardening and plucking coconuts. Gafoor made a directory of the people skilled in such jobs and advertised about it in and around Kondotty through some flex boards and short videos. Later, he established offices providing the services in three districts in Kerala – Malappuram, Kozhikode and Palakkad. All services are just a phone call away. Now the firm employs 72 staff in its three offices and has a wide network of skilled and unskilled labourers. The company earns its revenues from commissions on payments.

‘FIX IT’ is now eyeing expansion by launching its services all over the state by switching into an app-based model.

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