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Hindu woman wins hearts maintaining a mosque for 18 years in Kerala

Bharathi Amma at Hira Juma Masjid at Sreemoolanagaram, Kalady. Photo By: M S Amritha

Everyone in the quaint village of Sreemoolanagaram near Kalady in Kerala admires 76-year-old Bharathi Amma, who has been diligently maintaining and cleaning a local mosque for the past 18 years. In fact, Bharathi Amma has become a symbol of unity and coexistence through her selfless service to Hira Juma Masjid at Sreemoolanagaram.

Bharathi Amma is instrumental in keeping the courtyard of the mosque clean, arranging prayer mats, and ensuring the overall cleanliness of the mosque. Her dedication to this task is not just a routine but a testament to the spirit of communal harmony that prevails in the diverse community.

“I work at the mosque twice a week, starting at 7:30 in the morning and finishing before the afternoon prayers. I am really happy working at the abode of God. Whether temple, church, or mosque, all places of worship are abodes of God. Believers come here to offer prayers and attain peace. I am really blessed to offer my service at this place of worship,” Bharathi Amma told “Open Digest.”

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It was after her husband’s death that Bharathi Amma started doing multiple jobs at various places to bring up her two sons. When she was offered a job at the mosque during that time, she wholeheartedly accepted it because she saw it as a blessing from God to help her tide over the difficult times. She didn’t give up this particular job, even though she managed to find other jobs. “Maintaining the mosque became a part of life as it gave her a lot of mental peace in her life. I am content with the work I do at the Mosque,” she added.

Bharathi Amma says that the worshippers at the mosque treat her with respect and consider her as their mother. The mosque committee is all praise for her commitment to maintaining the cleanliness of the mosque. The committee also honoured Bharathi Amma for her exemplary service. For the people of Sreemolanagaram, Bharathi Amma is a symbol of unity who reminds them that love and understanding can bridge any gap. Her life resonates as a powerful narrative of coexistence and unity.

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