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How 3 Attappadi women gave wings to their dream of financial independence  

Padmini Subramanyan, Latha Ramesh and Vineetha Abhilash at their tailoring unit in Attappadi, Palakkad, Kerala.

Three married women from a remote village near Attappadi in Palakkad, Kerala, are weaving a tale of empowerment and entrepreneurship, chasing their will to be financially independent. Vineetha Abhilash, 36, Latha Ramesh, 40, and Padmini Subramanyan, 41, have faced many challenges and obstacles to set up a tailoring unit, which has now given them wings to dream beyond the confines of their home and village.

Their unit, “Tulip Tailoring,” which they started in June 2023 with the help of a small loan from a bank, is now winning the hearts of the people because of the quality and finesse of the work. It’s the determination to break free from the shackles of financial dependency that made the trio embark on a journey to establish the tailoring unit, leveraging their skills and determination.

The Tulip tailoring unit launched by the three women at Attappadi

“We faced a lot of obstacles initially. But we were determined to start our own venture. The loan helped us to buy the required machinery and find a space to start the tailoring unit in Attappadi,” said Latha Ramesh. Their first major hurdle was to convince their husbands’ family members about their decision to start the venture.

“My husband’s family was very conservative, and they were not very supportive of me looking for a job. Despite being a commerce graduate, I was unable to go to work. They were sceptical when I presented the idea of starting the tailoring unit. But once we started earning money from the venture, they were happy and supportive,” said Latha.

Initially, finding buyers for their stitched dresses was a herculean task. But as people realised their skill in stitching new fashion dresses, orders started pouring in. “We are yet to get a steady source of income. But we are confident and will put in our best to move forward with our venture,” Latha stated.

Through sheer grit and perseverance, Vineetha Abhilash, Latha Ramesh, and Padmini Subramanyan have not only realised their dreams of financial independence but have also become agents of change within their community.

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