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How pollution control system helps Kairali TMT tap Zinc Oxide, earn revenue

The pollution control system at Kairali TMT factory in Palakkad. Kairali TMT director Humayoon Kalliyath. (Right)

A cutting-edge pollution control system has not only helped Kairali TMT reduce its carbon footprint and prevent pollution but also earn revenue from it. Kerala-based Kairali Steels and Alloys Private Limited (Kairali TMT) has set a new benchmark in pollution control by capturing Zinc Oxide dust from the exhaust of its manufacturing facility. Kairali TMT Director Humayoon Kalliyath said the new technology prevents Zinc Oxide dust from entering the air and causing pollution.

“Zinc Oxide dust is an important material required in various other industries. Our steel plant emits Zinc Oxide during the manufacturing process. We have put in place a robust pollution control system that prevents the dust particles from entering the air. One of the dust types seized by the system is Zinc Oxide, which is in high demand in the market,” Humayoon Kalliyath said.

Humayoon Kalliyath mentioned that they were able to sell Zinc Oxide valued at Rs 1.5 lakh a day with the help of the pollution control system. “We are proud that the installation of the latest tech air pollution control system has enabled us to curb harmful emissions and, at the same time, open a new channel for income,” said Humayoon Kalliyath.

The air pollution control system installed at Kairali TMT factory in Palakkad

“Our commitment to sustainability has set a new standard in the sector. Zinc oxide dust, a byproduct of the steel manufacturing process, is a valuable commodity often overlooked by industry players. With the installation of the advanced air pollution control system, we now capture and process the zinc oxide dust, converting it into a significant source of revenue,” said Kairali co-director Pahalisha Kalliyath.

The cutting-edge air pollution control system utilises advanced filtration and dust collection technologies to trap harmful particles, including valuable zinc oxide dust, preventing their release into the atmosphere.

“By improving air quality, reducing emissions, and capitalising on an otherwise overlooked resource, Kairali TMT is showcasing how sustainable practices can add value to a company’s performance. Our state-of-the-art air pollution control system is proving to be a game-changer in the industry,” added Humayoon Kalliyath.

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