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Infopark will be a catalyst for Kochi’s economic growth: Infopark CEO

Infopark CEO Susanth Kurunthil

India’s most prestigious IT Park, Infopark, is undergoing a major expansion, and its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Susanth Kurunthil is on a revolutionary mission to make the park a destination of choice for both large IT conglomerates and nascent companies.

His vision for Infopark’s growth is phenomenal, firmly believing that Infopark will become a global brand revolutionising the workspace and acting as a catalyst for transforming Kochi into a major economic centre in the country.

In a candid conversation with Open Digest, Susanth Kurunthil, a seasoned technocrat, shares his vision to bring Infopark to the people by adding more flexible workspace options. Facing a challenge of limited space for expansion, the CEO has devised a revolutionary expansion model wherein the park will open a chain of state-of-the-art premium workspaces at different locations in the state.
He said the recent decision to partner with Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) to build IT workspaces at Ernakulam South Metro station was just the beginning.

“We are setting up flexible workspaces on 39,880 sqft of built-up space across six floors of the Metro station. We are taking Infopark to the people, offering them flexible workspaces. This is just the beginning. We are scouting for different locations to start similar projects. Our plan is to take the brand out of the designated Park space and offer premium workspaces to the people,” he added.

Susanth Kurunthil stated that as Kochi possesses all the perfect ingredients to become a large economic center in the country, Infopark will play a catalytic role in fuelling the city’s growth.

The CEO, who has recently taken to blogging ( to share his thoughts on making Kerala one of the most sought-after investment destinations, said there has been an overall change in people’s perception of Kerala.

“We need to take more tangible actions to further utilise the potential of Kerala, which has all the right ingredients to become a major investment destination in the country. A collective movement in coordination with various stakeholders should take place to achieve the same, and Infopark will play the crucial role of bringing all the stakeholders together,” he said.


  1. Anonymous January 8, 2024

    With the infrastructure available (no public transportation after 7 pm) and narrow road from Kakkanad to Infopark, the basic facility is a mess.

  2. Anonymous January 8, 2024

    What’s the status of much hyped 230 acre Kochi Smart City project?

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