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Joy & fulfilment: Commerce grad from Kerala chooses ceramic pottery over accounting career

Rosa Abraham

Rosa Abraham from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala studied commerce for her graduation at St Xavier’s College in Kolkata. However, instead of pursuing higher studies in commerce and building a career in management, she enrolled in Ceramic and Glass Design course at Indian Institute of Craft and Design in Jaipur chasing her passion for arts.

After putting in years of effort to hone her skills, this 29-year-old young artisan is now making waves in the world of ceramic craftsmanship, by winning orders from people who used to prefer Chinese machine-made ceramic products dominating the market.

“Though I did my graduation in commerce, I always wanted to learn art and designing. Initially, I started learning textile designing for my postgraduate diploma at the Indian Institute of Craft and Design. But later, I switched over to ceramic design when I became really interested in it,” Rosa told “Open Digest“.

Though she knew that mass production of ceramic artefacts by Chinese companies overshadowed traditional craftsmanship, Rosa was confident that handmade products would have a huge demand.

Armed with her passion and a keen eye for detail, she embarked on her journey by setting up a studio called ‘KO SA VA’ at her hometown in June 2022 and began experimenting with different techniques and styles. “I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty and intricacy of handmade pottery. So, I decided to make different handmade ceramic artefacts,” she said.

Her strategic decision to use social media platforms to showcase her products paid off when she started getting orders for her products. “I also attend exhibitions to display my products. After seeing my products, people are placing bulk orders for custom designs for occasions like holy communion and weddings,” Rosa said.

As all her products are handmade, Rosa is having a tough time competing with machine-made Chinese ceramic products that also come at a cheaper price. But Rosa is not ready to give up because she realised that people are ready to support her products as they are handmade and environment-friendly. Unlike their mass-produced counterparts flooding the market, Rosa’s pottery pieces are unique, reflecting her personal touch and artistic vision.

“I make my products using Terracotta and Stoneware clay sourced from Gujarat and Bengaluru, prioritising eco-friendly practices throughout the production process. By using sustainable materials and techniques, my products embrace a more conscious way of living,” she added. Apart from selling products, Rosa also teaches students in ceramic pottery making.

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