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Kerala doctor who provides food, takes homeless on picnics

Dr Geogo Joseph, along with a group of destitute people whom he has taken on an outing to watch the circus. Image Credit: Special Arrangement.

While the majority of people simply glance at the poor souls lying on the pedestrian walkways and ignore them, a doctor in Kerala has embarked on a unique journey of taking care of these homeless people, providing them with food, and taking them on picnics to uplift their spirits.

Dr Geogo K Joseph, 58, of Vypin in Ernakulam, took up this noble mission when he realised that his medical expertise could extend beyond treating ailments. For the last 21 years, this doctor has been silently taking care of hundreds of people who are either abandoned by their family members or have chosen to live on the streets for specific reasons.

He recognised that many of the destitute and abandoned individuals in the community faced not only physical suffering but also profound emotional isolation. So, in order to make a difference in their lives, Dr Geogo decided to take up a mission for their well-being.

‘These people suffer from a lot of mental trauma rather than physical ailments. If someone could spend time with them, hearing their problems, it will help to understand their issues and offer solace,’ said Dr Geogo, a homeopathic doctor who is now settled in Peechi, Thrissur. Everyday, he prepares nutritious meals for these people and serves them.

Dr Geogo Joseph distributing food to destitute people in Kerala

What sets Dr Geogo apart is that he organises picnics for these vulnerable individuals. He takes these people to parks, beaches, and other scenic locations, offering them a chance for entertainment and fun. He says that the mental upliftment that these outings provide is immeasurable. ‘It’s an opportunity for them to socialise, share stories, and find solace in the company of others. These outings serve as a reminder of the beauty that still exists in the world and the healing power of human connection,’ Dr Geogo told “Open Digest.”

Dr Geogo is now planning to conduct more outings and entertainment programs, as he feels that such interactions have been creating a positive impact on their lives. “I am really happy when I see them smiling and enjoying these outings,” he added.

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