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Kerala engineer develops revolutionary corrosion resistant TMT bar

Abdunazar A with the Coated Plus TMT bar at his research lab. Image Credit : Special Arrangement

An engineer from Kerala has developed a revolutionary TMT bar with unparalleled resistance to corrosion, even when submerged in saline water for an extended period. Abdunazar A, the head of Research and Development (R&D) wing at Kairali Steel and Alloys Private Limited, has created the first-of-its-kind TMT bar called Coated Plus after more than a decade of research in various metallurgical processes.

A mechanical engineer by qualification, 47-year-old Abdunazar has over 20 years of experience in the steel industry and has applied for a patent for the product.

“I was very interested in metallurgy from my college days. When I started working at Kairali in 1999, I realized that corrosion was the biggest challenge faced by TMT bars, particularly in coastal areas and humid climates. So, I began conducting different metallurgy experiments to develop a combination of alloys that could be blended with the steel to resist the corrosion process,” Abdunazar said, adding that the company fully supported him with necessary funding to develop the TMT bar.

“After several rounds of trial and error, we finally developed the Coated Plus, which yielded positive test results for high corrosion resistance. Our lab tests revealed that the TMT bars could resist corrosion even when immersed in saline water for a year. We have submitted the complete details to the authorities concerned for a patent,” he claimed, adding that the TMT bars undergo a unique metallurgical coating process to attain 100 percent rust-proof capability.

Kairali TMT Managing Director Kalliyath Abdul Gafoor expressed his happiness at having spotted this young talented engineer back in 1999 and recruited him into the company. “Right from his initial days with the company, Abdunazar has been committed to learning more about metallurgical processes. We are proud that we could support his research, which paved the way for the development of one of the most groundbreaking TMT bars that can resist corrosion completely,” he added.

Kairali TMT director Humayoon Kalliyath said the traditional TMT bars often face challenges in corrosive environments, especially in regions with high saline content.

“The newly developed Coated Plus TMT bar promises to address this issue, opening up new possibilities for construction projects in coastal areas and marine structures where corrosion poses a significant threat,” Humayoon said.

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  1. Sajit Viswan December 30, 2023

    This can supplement when using FRP rebars for those sections that need to be bent.
    Would like to connect with others having experience on using FRP rebars.

  2. Anonymous December 31, 2023

    Nev4r hra4d of these people before,I have heard pf T MT bars from kairali but never heard of the individuals kind rgds

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