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Kerala man donates land for home, brings joy & hope to disabled mother & daughter

Idukki District Collector Sheeba George felicitating Ajnas P M. Udumbannoor Panchayat member Jamal P S (extreme right).

For the last few months, Jamal P S, panchayat member of Udumbannoor in Idukki has been approaching different people seeking support to buy a small piece of land to construct a house under Life Mission project for a physically disabled mother and her eight-year-old daughter.

He was in for a big surprise when his search for a sponsor ended on 39-year-old Ajnas P M, a neighbour of the mother and the daughter, who unexpectedly came forward to donate three cents of land from his 10-cent property for constructing the house.

“I approached a lot of people seeking help after the panchayat sanctioned a house under the Life Mission project for Hajira and her daughter Alfiya. Little did I expect a local resident to support me. Hajira has a lot of relatives in the area and the local residents were expecting her relatives to support them. Ajnas has shown us the true meaning of compassion and empathy,” Jamal said.

Hajira, whose both legs are disabled, has been struggling to find a permanent shelter for her and her daughter for the last several years. Though she has been doing odd jobs for a livelihood, the money wasn’t enough for her to pay rent for a house. “Her husband was not supporting her and she has been literally struggling. It was during a casual discussion that I told Ajnas about the delay in constructing the house for Hajira because she doesn’t own a plot. Ajnas readily agreed to give three-cent of his land for the project,” Jamal added.

When contacted, Ajnas said he decided to help Hajira and her daughter because he knew them from his childhood and was shocked to find that none of her relatives helped her. “If we don’t help a person in need, what’s the point in living in this world as a human being? I am really happy that I could do some good for the family,” Ajnas told “Open Digest”. The three-cent land was given from the property which Ajnas recently bought for constructing a house.

The panchayat a few days back completed all the required documentation for transacting the land in the name of Hajira and her daughter. Ajnas was felicitated by Idukki District Collector Sheeba George for his generosity and compassion.

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