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Kerala Soaps registers record profit, to aggressively market products in Middle East

Kerala Soaps

After registering a record profit of Rs 1.16 crore in 2022-23 fiscal, Kerala’s very own public sector undertaking Kerala Soaps Ltd (KSL) is aggressively expanding its marketing in Middle East nations by coming out with new products.

As per the latest details, during the financial year 2022-23, Kerala Soaps successfully delivered 717 metric tons of soap products to markets both inside and outside Kerala which helped the PSU register the largest net profit in the company’s operational history. A government statement said Kerala Soaps recorded a profit of Rs1.16 crore compared to the previous financial year.

Officials said Kerala Soaps will also be launching new premium products like liquid body wash and shower gel to compete with other multinationals in the market.

“We are increasing the production capacity and have installed new machinery, including a semi-automatic liquid filling machine, semi-automatic pouch sealing machine, and an automatic sample soap stamping machine for commercial production of new products which will be exported to Saudi Arabia and other Middle East nations,” said the officials.

Expanding the sales network through approximately 85 distributors across 14 districts in Kerala and selling the products on various e-commerce platforms, including Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), have helped the company to reach out to more customers. “Strategic partnerships with private supermarket chains like Reliance also helped Kerala Soaps to boost the sales. Currently, the products of Kerala Soaps are available in major supermarkets and over 2500 outlets of Reliance in 26 states across the country,” the officials added.

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