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Kerala trans woman fights prejudices to contest global beauty pageant

Theertha Sarvika

Theertha Sarvika, 27, of Kochi in Kerala is now busy preparing for Miss Universe Trans Queen title to be held in Thailand this December after winning the Miss Pride title in Miss Trans Queen India pageant.Her journey as a transgender woman has been a triumphant story of courage and resilience.

An engineer by profession, Theertha walked the ramp at Miss Trans Queen India event with her head held high defying all odds and shattering societal norms. Ever since she realised her gender during her school days, she had to face countless challenges and discrimination on her journey to self-acceptance. But her unwavering determination propelled her to the pinnacle of success.

“I faced a lot of discrimination for openly expressing my gender preference. Right from my school days, I knew I was different. But societal expectations and prejudices made me hide my real self for a few years. When I reached plus two, I decided to come out of the hiding and openly state my gender preference to my family and friends. Though they were a little hesitant to accept initially, my parents started to support me,” Theertha told “Open Digest”. CPM Udayamperoor local committee member E G Pushpan and Mythili are the parents of Theertha.

Though Theertha had to face a lot of mental agony, she never compromised on her studies. She did her engineering in computer science and also graduated in English literature from Maharajas College. However, it was her journey as a beauty pageant contestant that brought her into the spotlight. After years of hiding her true identity, Theertha decided to embrace her femininity and compete in a beauty pageant in Kerala in 2022 in which she won a title.

“I faced a lot of discrimination for revealing my true identity. I was constantly shamed for my body and my colour. But I remained strong,” she said. Theertha has been preparing for the pageant finding time amidst her busy work schedule in an IT company where she has been working for the past one year.

“I am contesting because I want to become the voice of those people like me who are struggling with their own identities. I want to show that there is nothing to fear or feel ashamed,” she said. Theertha’s life is a powerful reminder that one’s gender identity should never be a barrier to achieving one’s dreams.

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