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Kerala youth quits his corporate job to chase musical dreams

Melvin Michael

Leaving his stable income job with a corporate firm to pursue his passion to become a musician was never an easy task for 26-year-old Melvin Michael of Thakazhy in Alappuzha, Kerala. But he did take the risk and ultimately succeeded by composing music for a Malayalam movie, “Kundannurille Kulsithalahala.”

What started as a childhood dream eventually led Melvin on a rollercoaster journey of self-discovery, resilience, and ultimate triumph. Raised in a family that encouraged his artistic inclinations, Melvin’s journey to enter the music world was riddled with hardships after his father, A A Michael’s demise.

Though he dreamed of making it into music composition right from his college days, he had to take up the corporate job after Covid-19 upended all his musical projects, and he landed in a big financial crisis.

His life took an unexpected turn when he found himself climbing the corporate ladder in the bustling city of Kochi. However, the allure of the corporate job couldn’t extinguish the fire burning within him – the desire to create and express through music. He took the plunge, leaving his stable job to immerse himself in the world of music. The transition was far from smooth, with Melvin facing financial challenges, self-doubt, and societal skepticism. Friends questioned the rationality of abandoning a lucrative career for the uncertainties of the music industry.

“My family supported me, especially my mother. I could make some notable compositions for a few web series and ads. My real turning point came when I got a chance to work with Vineeth Srinivasan and later compose music for the movie Kundannurille Kulsithalahala,” Melvin told “Open Digest.”

Melvin, who has done his diploma in sound engineering, is a big fan of A.R. Rahman. He is happy that he could render music to a few devotional albums also.

Today, as Melvin reflects on his journey, he emphasises the importance of chasing one’s dreams despite societal expectations. His story serves as an inspiration for young artists contemplating a leap of faith, proving that with passion, perseverance, and a dash of audacity, even the most unconventional dreams can become a reality.

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