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Kerala youth quits MNC job, makes Rs 50K from goat farm & teaches special kids

Antony Thomas

Antony Thomas of Palakkad in Kerala left his job with a multi-national construction major to embrace a dual role as a goat farmer and a special school teacher in his village. For the last six years, this 30-year-old has been leading a happy life at Palakkayam in Mannarkkad, earning a monthly revenue of Rs 50,000 from his goat farm and a nominal salary working at a special school.

Antony Thomas, who did his graduation in English literature and BEd in special education, left behind the hustle and bustle of corporate life after he felt an increasing sense of disconnection from his true passions and the community he grew up in.

“I realised that I wanted more than just financial success. I wanted a life filled with purpose and fulfilment. My parents used to rear goats, so I decided to return to my native place and make goat farming a little more organised. As I did my BEd in special education out of true passion to teach young children, I decided to join a school in my native place as a teacher,” he told “Open Digest.”

Antony did some extensive research on goat farming and quickly turned his family’s two acres of land into a thriving goat farm having varieties of breeds like Jamnapari, Malabari, and Beetal. “You need to dedicate yourself to rear goats as they are one of the most sensitive animals. It’s not easy to run a goat farm. Choose goat farming only if you really love what you are doing,” he said.

According to Antony, the true success of a goat farm depends on how you find buyers for milk and by-products. “Nobody will come to you for buying milk. You need to go out and do the marketing and supply the milk where there is more demand,” he said, adding that while one litre of goat milk fetches Rs 150 in Palakkad, it’s Rs 300 in Thrissur.

In addition to his goat farming, Antony has taken on another significant role as a special school teacher at Mount Seena Special School in Pathiripalla in Palakkad. “Teaching at the special school has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. These children have so much potential, and seeing them progress and gain confidence is incredibly fulfilling,” he said. Antony is helped by his father, mother, and wife in managing the day-to-day affairs of the goat farm.

Antony has shown that it is possible to break away from conventional career paths and find success and fulfilment in unexpected places. His journey from a corporate office to a goat farm and a special school classroom underscores the power of following one’s passion and living a happy life.

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