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Love for animals: Kerala man turns his home into a mini Zoo with over 850 pets

Ansar V A

People do have pets, but having over 850 pets, including various varieties of birds, iguanas, and even a horse, is something extraordinary. For the 40-year-old Ansar V A of Kalamassery, Kerala, coming home after work isn’t just about being with his wife and kid, but also about feeding, cleaning, and caring for his pets.

Yes, Ansar owns over 850 animals that he houses in his home at Manalimukk in Kalamassery, and he enjoys every minute he gets to spend with his furry, feathery, and scaly friends.

It all began when Ansar adopted his first pet, a pigeon, at the age of 10. Ever since that day, Ansar found love and affection from the pet, and he didn’t stop at one. He expanded his pet family to include cats, birds, iguanas, and even a horse. While this may sound like a zoo to most people, to Ansar, it’s simply his happy place. Ansar now has 500 pigeons of various breeds, five Jenday Conures, 22 Cockatiels, 25 African Love Birds, 18 Green Cheeks, a diverse array of love birds, a pair of majestic iguanas, and a handful of cats.

V A Ansar with one of his favourite pets at his home in Kalamassery

The list continues with 80 Buttonquails, 25 Sun Conures, 12 Java Finches, 15 Guinea Pigs, eight Columbian Brahmas, rabbits of Indian and international varieties, and an impressive assortment of pigeons, including Trumpeters, Pouters, Jacobins, Hippies, Indian Fantails, American Fantails, Kings, Mukhis, Homers, and many more.

“I’ve been following my passion for pets since I was a child. It’s not about money; it’s about finding happiness in the company of these amazing creatures,” Ansar told “Open Digest.”

Ansar, who is a building contractor, sets aside a certain percentage of his income to take care of his pets. His wife, Sabeena Ansar, and his children – Ameen Ameenulfaris and Adam Aman – join him in taking care of the pets. “I love taking care of these animals and feel immense joy being surrounded by these animals,” he said.

Ansar says that coming home to their open arms, wiggly tails, and smiling faces instantly lifts his mood after a stressful day. “My home may be more of a zoo than a house, but it’s overflowing with unconditional love – and that’s all I need,” he added.

(This article is written by journalism student Angel Benny of St Albert’s College, Ernakulam as part of our Youth Skill Development Initiative organised in association with St Albert’s College and Global Educational Consultants)

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