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Lulu Group’s mall opening turns emotional as chairman Yusuff Ali grants job to disabled artist

Lulu Group Chairman M A Yusuff Ali with Pranav M Balasubramaniam. Image Credit : Yusuff Ali M A FC/Facebook

The grand opening of Lulu Group’s shopping mall in Palakkad on Monday turned out to be an emotional moment when Lulu Group Chairman M A Yusuff Ali provided a job to a physically disabled youngster who broke down in front of him.

As thousands of people gathered to witness the unveiling of Lulu Group’s new shopping destination, Yusuff Ali extended a helping hand to Pranav M Balasubramaniam, a disabled artist who had requested Yusuff Ali to provide him with a job so that he could support his parents.

Pranav, born without hands, attended the event to present a portrait of Yusuf Ali that he had drawn using his feet. After presenting the portrait, he broke down in front of Yusuff Ali.

A video of the incident has gone viral on social media, capturing the hearts of people. In the video, Pranav is seen asking Yusuff Ali to provide him with a job, and an emotionally-moved Yusuf Ali immediately responds, directing a senior executive to offer the youth an appropriate job.

“Make sure that he is given an appropriate job. The next time I visit the mall, I should see him as an employee here,” Yusuff Ali directed the executive.

The decision was met with thunderous applause as Yusuff Ali underscored his company’s dedication to embracing talent regardless of physical abilities.

Pranav Balasubramanyam hails from Palakkad in Kerala. Though he was born without both hands, he has excelled as an artist, singer, and para sportsperson. Pranav has been appreciated by celebrities, actors, and sportspersons from across India for displaying outstanding determination to fight the odds.

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