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Meet Ambika, living the life of Nirupama in “How Old Are You?”

Ambika Baji on the terrace of her house where she cultivates vegetables. Image Credit: Special Arrangement

A 56-year-old woman of Mudavoor in Muvattupuzha has been living the character of Nirupama enacted by actor Manju Warrier in 2014 movie “How Old Are You?

Since 2002, Ambika Baji has been spreading the message of pesticide free farming by growing different types of vegetables on the terrace of her house. Her life strikes resemblance to the character Nirupama who undertakes a campaign in the movie for putting across a strong message on pesticide free vegetable cultivation at homes.

Like Nirupama, Ambika Baji has been teaching a lot of women about vegetable farming and campaigning for pesticide free vegetable cultivation for a healthy life.

“I come from a family where my father used to do farming. So, I decided to start vegetable farming on the terrace of our home. I started small in the year 2002, but now I grow all types of vegetables and even lemon on my terrace. I sell the vegetables through eco shop of Krishibhavan and an online portal,” Ambika Baji told “Open Digest”.

Ambika, who bats on importance of terrace farming, also gives training to a lot of women. “Money is secondary. The most important aspect is that we can eat safe food. We only need to spend a little time taking care of the crops. Vegetable cultivation also radiates a lot of positivity and it’s good for our mental health,” said Ambika, a graduate who took up terrace farming out of mere passion.

Ambika adds that she earns an amount between Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000 from vegetable cultivation and selling seedlings. “Krishibhavan at Muvattupuzha is extending all support to me. We need to adapt to the latest farming techniques for terrace farming. I have installed wick irrigation for the crops,” she said.

Ambika, who grows tomatoes, ladies’ finger, spinach, snake gourd, mint, brinjal, long beans, green chilly and small onions, is open to helping any one who approaches her seeking guidance in starting terrace farming.

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