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Meet heroic bookstore owner in Kerala who rescues, feeds stray animals

Satheesh Kumar P G along with the blind cat which he rescued from the streets. Photos: Special Arrangement

Satheesh Kumar P G, 48, of Alappuzha in Kerala, is a man on call 24/7 if you spot an injured animal on the streets. Yes, for the last 10 years, this bookstore owner from Kaithavana in Alappuzha has been rescuing wounded animals from the streets and providing care to them.

Whether it’s a stray cat with a broken paw or a squirrel with a broken leg, Satheesh doesn’t hesitate to intervene. What’s more, he has been providing food and care to the animals by spending money from his own pocket.

“I’ve always believed that every living being deserves a chance at a better life,” Satheesh says. Satheesh’s love for animals began from his childhood, and his journey of rescuing animals started with him saving a blind cat despite his family and friends dissuading him because of the superstitious belief that a blind cat would bring bad luck.

“The blind cat is still with me, and I am really happy to spend time with it every day at my shop,” Satheesh added. His bookstore doubles as a makeshift animal shelter where he brings in all kinds of animals, including stray dogs, cats, cows, and birds. Satheesh not only arranges food for stray animals but also provides medical care and facilitates adoption opportunities.

He has also created a Facebook page, “Animal Pet Lovers,” through which he facilitates adoption processes and also reaches out to animals that need support across the state. As of now, he has saved more than 1,000 animals from the streets. Currently, Satheesh is focusing on establishing an animal shelter center along with the local authorities and is arranging funds for the same.

“I used to get calls from people when they spotted an injured animal on the streets. On several occasions, I have rescued migratory birds that were caught in plastic nets,” he said.

Satheesh is helped by a woman who daily prepares food for the rescued animals. Apart from taking care of animals which he has sheltered at his home and the bookstore, Satheesh also travels in and around Alappuzha town to feed the stray animals. Satheesh’s dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed in the community. The Animal Welfare Department recognised his humane activity by bestowing him with an award.

As Satheesh continues his mission to provide a safe haven for wounded animals, his bookstore stands not just as a hub for literature but as a beacon of hope and compassion in the community.

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