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Meet Kerala woman who made her house shelter home for 113 stray dogs

At a time when rising number of stray dogs has become an issue in Kerala with nearly two lakh dog bites reported in 2022, a woman and her family with the support of a few like-minded persons have made it their life’s purpose to save stray dogs from streets and look after them.

In fact, Ambili Purackal, who works as a contract staff with All India Radio (AIR), has made her family home “Valmeekam” at Moovattupuzha a shelter home for over 113 dogs which they have rescued from streets over the past few years. “We started taking in abandoned dogs right from 2001. I am really happy to have a family which fully supports me in my mission to take care of the street dogs,” she said.

Her husband Ramesh Pulickan strongly backs her in the mission which they have now been officially operating as a society “Daya Animal Welfare Organisation ” registered with Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI). “We get calls from across the state and undertake rescue missions. We are doing our bit to remove stray dogs from the streets and properly rehabilitate them,” Ambili said.

“We have an expense of nearly Rs 75,000 per month for food and medicine for the dogs. At times, we get contributions from people. But largely we spend from our own pockets. We don’t have any staff or workers. All the members in Daya are part of the family who have voluntarily come forward to help these poor animals,” she added.

She and her team have also launched a movement called DATTA for successful execution of animal birth control programs in the state and to find a solution to stray dog menace. “Our team ensures safe ensnaring of street dogs strictly for the purpose of ABC surgery followed by their secure and intact release back to their home turf,” she added.

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