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Never give up, says Abida, mother of 3 after clearing medical entrance at age of 25

Abida with her husband Mohammed Rasi and their children. Photo: Special Arrangement

When Abida C V scored 92 per cent marks in Plus Two science stream, she had a dream of becoming a doctor. But all her plans went astray when her family decided to marry off her at the age of 19.

Seven years have gone down the lane since her marriage in 2015 and now she has three children that included a twin, but Abida of Chakkumkadavu in Kozhikode never gave up her desire to become a doctor. At the age of 25, Abida has now cleared the medical entrance exam and secured admission for Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) at Pariyaram Medical College in Kannur.

Currently, she is a first year BDS student at the college. “If we have a desire, we have to consistently try to achieve it. If our efforts are genuine, results will automatically come. Marriage or children is not an excuse for a woman to give up her studies,” Abida told “Open Digest”.

As Abida cannot live a day without seeing her children, her husband Mohammed Rasi and her three children have moved along with her to Kannur. “I cannot stay away from my family because I love them the most. We took a house on rent near the college and we are staying together to complete my course,” Abida said. Mohammed Rasi used to work in vegetable market at Kozhikode and after moving to Kannur, he has found a new job.

“My husband gave me total support when I told him about my desire to pursue higher studies,” Abida said.

Though she wrote the medical entrance exam in 2016, she couldn’t secure an admission on merit. As she delivered her first child in 2017 and later the twins in 2018, the situation became difficult for her to prepare for the entrance studies. But again in 2021, she decided to give another try and joined a coaching centre at Kozhikode.

” I became so familiar with my children’s daily routine so I planned my study time accordingly. I used to get up at 2 am every day and study till 6 am before my children wake up. My husband fully backed me up,” Abida said.

Abida has a word of advice to all women out there, who were forced to give up their dream – “Never give up. All women in this world have the power and will to cope up with any situation and come up in life.”

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