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Pakistan father thanks India, Kerala doctor for putting smiles back on his daughter

Mohammed Sohaib Malik and his daughter Maham Sohaib at Institute of Applied Dermatology in Kasaragod, Kerala. Photo By: Ajay Kanth

Mohammed Sohaib Malik, 57, from a small place near Attock in Pakistan had never heard of Kerala in India in his entire life. But he is now holding Kerala close to his heart after a doctor and his team in Kasaragod successfully treated his 28-year-old daughter Maham Sohaib Malik, who has been suffering from chronic lymphedema since the age of eight.

As Mohammed Sohaib and his daughter leave back to Pakistan today after completing the first round of treatment at the Institute of Applied Dermatology (IAD) in Kasaragod, they are really thankful to the team of doctors and nurses at IAD, a not for profit institute, in Kasaragod for their care, support, and treatment.

For the last several years, Mohammed Sohaib, a machinist, has been on the lookout for a treatment to cure his daughter’s lymphedema, unable to bear the sight of his daughter struggling to cope with the large lymph volume on both her legs. Though he had taken his daughter to different leading hospitals in Pakistan, doctors ruled out any treatment available for her condition caused due to the damage in the lymph nodes.

It was while scouting for any treatment available for her condition in any part of the world that Mohammed came to know about IAD in Kasaragod and its integrative treatment for lymphatic filariasis and lymphedema from the internet. He immediately contacted IAD founder-director Dr. S.R. Narahari over the phone and fixed an online consultation with him for his daughter.

“The doctor was so friendly, and he started consulting my daughter over the phone. After analysing her condition, the doctor advised us to approach the Indian Government seeking permission to undergo treatment at IAD in Kasaragod. As per the doctor’s advice, we approached the Indian government for permission to visit the doctor in Kerala. We were doubtful about getting a visa, but Dr. Narahari helped us with the requisite medical documents. At one point, we had lost complete hope of getting the visa because of strict procedures. But one fine day, we received a call from our government saying that the application has been approved by the Indian Government,” Mohammed Sohaib told “Open Digest.”

Mohammed Sohaib along with Maham reached IAD on May 7 and underwent integrative treatment combining yoga, ayurveda, allopathy, and diet for her lymphedema until May 21.

“I am really happy for coming to Kasaragod for this treatment, which has given me a new lease of life. After undergoing treatment for 14 days, my lymph volume has decreased by 20 percent. We are thankful to Dr. Narahari and his team for the care, support, and the treatment. The team has taught me how to continue with my self-care treatment through yoga, medication, and diet. IAD has given me hope at a time when I thought that there was no treatment for my condition,” Maham said.

Mohammed added that he was very thankful to the Indian government and the officials concerned for approving their application for seeking the treatment at IAD. “We were warmly greeted by all Indians whom we met throughout our journey from the Wahga border to Kerala. We are really grateful to Dr. Narahari and his team, particularly Dr. Roopa Kamath and Dr. Guruprasad Aggithaya,” he added.

Dr Narahari said, “Though earlier tests at several hospitals in Pakistan diagnosed her condition as elephantiasis or lymphatic filariasis, we could clinically find that it was not elephantiasis but a lymphedema caused by arteriovenous malformation (AVM) and varicose veins. Our integrative treatment could reduce the lymph volume on her legs. We have advised the patient to continue with the self-care treatment at her home for the next six months. We will be closely monitoring her progress through online and continue offering our consultation. The entire team at IAD is proud and happy to have offered excellent care to our guests from the neighbouring country,” Dr Narahari added.

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