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People of this panchayat in Kerala use app for waste management 

Volunteers of Haritha Karma Sena enrolling a household at Palakkuzha grama panchayat for app-based waste management. Photo - Special Arrangement.

This is Palakkuzha grama panchayat in Ernakulam, Kerala where people have started to use an app for waste management. All the houses and establishments in the panchayat have installed and started using the state government developed “Haritha Mithram – Smart Garbage App” for scientifically disposing of all sorts of waste that include e-waste.

The Smart Garbage App scheme is being jointly implemented by Haritha Keralam Mission in collaboration with Keltron to make waste management more effective. “Our waste collection has become totally through the app. All the 3918 houses in the panchayat have installed the app and using it for waste disposal,” Palakkuzha grama panchayat president Jaya K A told “Open Digest”.

She said QR codes of the app were pasted across the panchayat for the users to install it apart from conducting a door to door campaign by Haritha Keralam Mission volunteers. “We printed 3911 QR codes and the campaign was launched on October 15,” she said adding the app was developed by the state government to monitor the waste management activities carried out by the local bodies online.

The app enables the users to request for waste collection, list out the type of waste and also pay the necessary fees for collecting the waste. The users could also lodge complaints regarding waste management through the application. Kerala government public sector undertaking Keltron, which developed the Haritha Mithram app, is providing the technical support. 

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