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Powerlifter who is making Kerala and its police proud  

He is 46-year-old but still trains for four hours a day, preparing for every powerlifting competition that comes his way. Currently, he is training for National Police Powerlifting Championship being held in Pune from November 14 to November 20. 

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R Sarath Kumar, a sub inspector with Kerala Police and a native of Alappuzha, is a perfect example of a professional sportsman who has dedicated his life to chase his dream of becoming a powerlifting champion. Despite having won many titles that include gold medals at Commonwealth Powerlifting Championship in Canada, Asian Powerlifting Championship in Hong Kong, National Junior Championship and Classic Powerlifting Championship in Kerala, Sarath feels that his passion for the sport is still giving him that adrenaline rush to go for more.

Apart from rigorous training, Sarath has been following a completely planned diet right from his school days to pursue his passion for powerlifting. He started training from 1991 and till date, he has not missed a single day of training except for those occasions when his orthopaedist Dr Azad Sait advised him to take short breaks due to injuries.

“I am indebted to a lot of people in my life. Without their support, I would not have achieved any of these titles. My parents, wife and my children are my strength. I started training at Swamy Gym in Alappuzha under the late K R Swamy, the founder of the gym, during my school days. My present coach is Radhakrishnan, son of K R Swamy and I train under him at the gym with the support of my coach’s son Praveen Radhakrishnan,” Sarath told “Open Digest”. He is so proud that Kerala Police Department and his superiors have extended him the right support to help him chase the dream.

Strict Diet Plan

Sarath says that one needs to stick to a tight diet schedule to achieve the desired strength for powerlifting.  He follows a diet plan low in carbohydrates and high in protein and minerals. He avoids rice and consumes more dry fruits, chicken and vegetables. Egg whites are routine for him as it’s a power source of protein. “I totally avoid oily foods and sugar. Vegetables, dry fruits, fish and chicken are part of my daily diet. I eat rice and rice dishes at times but in moderation,” he said.


Rather focusing on body building, a powerlifter has to specifically work out to strengthen the core muscles. “I do regular work out to strengthen my back, legs, shoulders and forearms. One needs to be totally focused in their work out and training to get the desired strength for powerlifting. You need to be 100 per cent dedicated to get results,” he added.

Though several injuries have affected him, causing severe pain in the last few years, he has overcome it with the help of Dr Azad Sait who has been guiding him right from his young age. “Injuries are sure to occur when we are into these kinds of sports. We have to suffer a lot of pain at times. But we can overcome it if we stick to a disciplined life style,” Sarath added.

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