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Professor T J Joseph: A beacon of resilience against violence

T J Joseph. Image Credit: A J Philip/Facebook - T J Joseph

The Kalamassery bomb blast has left victims and their families devastated. The physical, emotional, and psychological scars resulting from this brutal incident can be overwhelmingly daunting. During these adverse times, Professor T J Joseph of Kerala serves as an inspiring testament to resilience and determination in staying strong.

Professor Joseph was the first major victim of a terrorist attack in Kerala when a group of assailants chopped off his right palm in a gruesome attack in July 2010. Since that fateful day, Joseph’s life has been a journey of resilience, determination, and ultimately triumph over violence.

Rather than succumbing to despair and bitterness, Professor Joseph displayed remarkable courage. His spirit remained unbroken, and he refused to be defined by the heinous act perpetrated against him. Despite the immense physical and emotional pain, he embarked on a journey of recovery that would inspire people who are victims of the dark spectre of violence. His memoir “Attupokatha Ormakal” ( “A Thousand Cuts” in English) recounts the harrowing details of the attack, the challenges he faced in the aftermath and the unwavering determination that drove him forward.

“Violence in any form, committed by any person, should be severely condemned. We should not allow anyone to instil fear in our minds through these kinds of heinous acts. Human beings should not hurt other human beings. It’s a challenging time for the victims and their families. We should stand by them, providing all the support,” Professor Joseph told “Open Digest.”

At a time when these kind of heinous acts cast shadows of fear and uncertainty, Professor Joseph’s life exemplifies the triumph of the human spirit over hatred, violence, and adversity. His resilience serves as a reminder that the path to recovery is marked by determination, strength, and support.

Professor Joseph stands as a symbol of hope and resilience for all those who have been affected by such acts. His unwavering spirit, his determination to overcome adversity, and his triumphant return to life’s pursuits offer a powerful message: that the human spirit is indomitable, and even in the darkest of times, light can emerge from the shadows.

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