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Retired soldier saves man’s life in Kochi, wins hearts

M S Babu

This retired soldier turned a local hero when he, in a remarkable act of heroism, rose to the occasion to save the life of a person who had a heart attack while driving his car in Kochi city.

M S Babu, 58, who is now a Home Guard with Udayamperoor police station in Kochi, says that his years of training in Indian Army helped him to act swiftly to save the person who was found collapsed on the driver’s seat of the car near Nadakkavu junction near Thripunithura in Kochi.

It was during his traffic duty on April 10 at Nadakkavu around 9.30 am that a person came on bike and told Babu that a woman sitting inside a car was crying for help as her husband on the driver’s seat was having chest pain. On hearing this, Babu took an auto rickshaw and rushed to the spot. “When I reached the spot, I could see the person lying back on the driver’s seat crying in pain. Though I decided to take the person to the hospital in the autorickshaw, I changed my mind. We shifted the person from the driver’s seat to the back seat and I drove the vehicle to nearby taluk hospital,” Babu told “Open Digest”.

Babu, who joined the Indian Army in 1984, has been a soldier for 17 years and even participated in Kargil war. After retiring from the Army, Babu took up the job of Home Guard at Udayamperoor police station in 2010. Kerala Police appreciated Babu’s effort on its official FB page. Police officers said Babu’s timely intervention was crucial as the incident took place on the busy streets and the quick thinking and action of the retired soldier saved the person’s life.

As the person was brought to the taluk hospital on time, the doctors could stabilise his condition. Babu downplayed his heroism saying that he simply did what anyone would have done at that time. “In the Army, I have been trained to help people in need and I’m glad that I was able to help this person,” Babu said.

Babu’s act has won him appreciation from his colleagues and police personnel at the station as it highlighted the importance of first responders and the selflessness of those who are trained to serve and protect the public.

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