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Teachers & students jointly develop life-saving app in Kerala

The FISAT team that developed 'Companion" App.

An app developed by a group of teachers and students of an engineering college in Kerala has won the hearts of people mainly senior citizens as it provides quick and easy access to emergency services for anyone in need.

The app called “Companion” has been designed to enable people to reach out seeking help in emergency situations like medical help, burglaries or any other life-threatening incidents.

The students and the teachers of Electronics and Instrumentation Department of Federal Institute of Science and Technology (FISAT), who are behind this innovative app, are really excited about the performance of the app after they conducted trial runs with the help of residence associations in Kalady.

“We are really happy that the app could deliver good results during the mock drills. The app works by using the user’s location to immediately connect them with people who are in their emergency contact list. In an emergency situation, the user simply needs to touch a button on the app and their location along with an SOS message is immediately sent to the emergency contact list with relevant information about the situation,” said Assistant Professor P Raji, who coordinated the team that developed the app.

The other members in the team are students Negal Roy, Jo Paul Joy, Aaron Sabu, Augustine Shajan, Akash Krishna, Vinayak Jayanand, former students V Arun, Shafi Ashraf and teachers Honey Devasi and Lakshmi Nandakumar.

The app was developed considering the need for such a system to help women and senior citizens who are alone and need help in an emergency situation. “Our app is a quick and easy way to connect people no matter where they are or what kind of emergency they’re facing. It’s a simple app that helps people to stay safe,” Raji added.

The team has registered a startup firm through the FISAT’s incubator hub for developing the app and they have been getting good orders from people. “We are in the process of listing the app in Playstore and App store. Currently, it’s been installed directly in the phones of the users,” she added.

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