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This doctor couple of Institute of Applied Dermatology uses power of Yoga to treat Lymphatic Filariasis

Dr S R Narahari and Dr K S Prasanna of Institute of Applied Dermatology in Kasargod, Kerala.

Yoga plays an important role in the well-being of humans and this doctor couple of Institute of Applied Dermatology, Kasargod in Kerala through their years of research and hard work have scientifically proved the importance of Yoga in treatment of acute Lymphatic Filariasis and other chronic skin diseases.

Dr S R Narahari and his wife Dr K S Prasanna, professionally qualified allopathy doctors specialised in dermatology, have devoted years of rigorous research to develop an integrative medicine for successful treatment of Lymphatic Filariasis (LF). Their groundbreaking treatment for Lymphatic Filariasis combining the ancient practice of yoga with modern medicine and ayurveda, now offers a holistic and effective approach in managing and combating the debilitating disease of Lymphatic Filariasis

Their treatment procedure for Lymphatic Filariasis without surgery have alleviated the sufferings of thousands of people in India who have been affected by Lymphatic Filariasis for years, commonly known as elephantiasis that causes severe swelling and deformity of the limbs. 

Lymphatic Filariasis is caused by a parasitic infection called filarial parasites. These parasites are transmitted to humans through the bites of infected mosquitoes.

The years of dedicated efforts by Dr Narahari and Dr Prasanna led to the establishment of the not-for-profit organisation Institute of Applied Dermatology (IAD) in 1999 at Kasargod in Kerala to treat Lymphatic Filariasis patients in the country.

Institute of Applied Dermatology has now partnered with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh governments to offer free treatment to hundreds of Lymphatic Filariasis patients in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.    

While traditional treatment methods predominantly focused on medications and surgeries, often with limited success, Dr S R Narahari and his wife Dr K S Prasanna under the guidance of their mentor Dr Prof Terence J Ryan of Green Templeton College, Oxford, United Kingdom recognised the potential of integrating the power of yoga into the treatment plan of Lymphatic Filariasis, harnessing its ability to harmonise the mind, body, and spirit.

“Yoga is very crucial in the well-being of humans. We decided to harness the power of Yoga and integrate it with our treatment procedure after conducting years of research. With its gentle movements, breath control and meditation, Yoga can significantly improve the functioning of the lymphatic system that plays a vital role in fluid balance, immune response and waste removal. Optimisation of the lymphatic system is critical for managing Lymphatic Filariasis,” said Institute of Applied Dermatology Director Dr S R Narahari.

Both Dr Narahari and Dr Prasanna conducted extensive studies at Institute of Applied Dermatology to identify specific yoga postures, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation techniques that stimulate lymphatic flow to improve fluid movement.

“Our research found that a set of selected Yoga postures can reduce swelling and enhance lymphatic drainage. It also alleviates pain and discomfort associated with Lymphatic Filariasis,” said Dr Prasanna.

She said the Lymphatic Filariasis patients are trained to practice certain gentle yoga postures as part of the treatment to target the affected areas and stimulate the lymphatic system. “These postures along with breathing exercises enhance oxygenation and help facilitate lymphatic circulation. We recommend our patients to continue with the yoga practice as it ensures reduction in stress, enhances relaxation and promotes an overall sense of well-being,” Dr Narahari added. 

By combining their immense knowledge in modern medicine with the wisdom of yoga, Dr Narahari and Dr Prasanna have brought forth a transformative breakthrough in the treatment of Lymphatic Filariasis. The integrative treatment protocol developed by the couple at Institute of Applied Dermatology not only addresses the physical symptoms but also nurtures emotional and psychological well-being of the patients.

“We are really happy that we could do our bit to alleviate the suffering of those individuals living with Lymphatic Filariasis for years.  Our integrative medicine offers new hope to the patients and opens doors to a brighter future,” Dr Prasanna added.

(This article is part of our public health awareness campaign #Hoperenewed)

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