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This lottery seller’s hand signals save lives in Kerala

T K Satheeshan at busy Kancor junction in Angamaly, Kerala. Photo: Manikandan Poickadan.

Kancor Junction in Mekkad, Angamaly, is one of the busiest spots where three roads intersect, and for motorists, the junction is a nightmare. But for the last six years, a lottery vendor has voluntarily taken on the role of a traffic controller at this busy junction, ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

T K Satheesan is a familiar face for motorists, as he not only operates his small lottery kiosk but also volunteers to control the traffic. This 57-year-old hailing from Kuzhur in Thrissur arrives at Kancor Junction every morning, sets up a chair under an umbrella, and starts selling lottery tickets. He remains at the junction, selling lottery tickets and assisting motorists until 3 pm.

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Satheesan began assisting motorists by signalling about incoming vehicles from other roads at the intersection after witnessing near misses due to the confusing layout and heavy traffic flow. “Now the vehicles wait for my hand signals. Bus drivers, cleaners, and truck drivers closely follow my directions to navigate the junction. I am happy and proud to do my part to prevent accidents,” Satheesan told “Open Digest.”

Locals who noticed Satheesan’s noble gesture have come forward to support him by purchasing lottery tickets from him. “The locals are very helpful, and I am receiving a lot of support from them. Motorists also park their vehicles and buy tickets from me,” he said. Satheesan, who previously worked as a representative for a film distribution company, has a family that includes his wife, a homemaker, and a son studying in the eighth grade.

Angamaly MLA Roji M John and police officers also appreciate his voluntary traffic duty at the junction. As Satheesan continues to watch over the busy junction, he stands as a shining example of the positive change one individual can bring to the community.

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