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You only need passion to cook as Chef Suresh Pillai comes out with unique hiring drive

Chef Suresh Pillai. Image Credit:Chef Suresh Pillai/Facebook

There are many people who are making a positive impact in society. One such person is Chef Suresh Pillai who has now come out with an offer to enterprising people to become part of his chef team at his Restaurant Chef Pillai (RCP) network spread across various countries.

His unique way to recruit people by posting video in his social media pages seeking applications is now the talk of the town. Currently, RCP has 10 restaurants and is developing 20 new projects. In the reel published a couple of days back, Chef Suresh Pillai is looking to fill 50 vacancies and his unprecedented recruitment drive has caught the attention of food enthusiasts worldwide as the vacancy is open to anyone irrespective of their qualification, age, gender, race or colour.

Breaking away from the conventional recruitment drive that mandates formal culinary education and professional experience, Chef Suresh Pillai is inviting individuals with an unwavering zeal for cooking and a genuine passion for serving others to join his global restaurant network. He is in fact looking for people to become part of the team that makes the iconic “appam” dish at his restaurants.

Many see his latest endeavour as a revolutionary move in the food industry as it prioritises passion, joy and a love for food above formal qualifications. In the video, Chef Suresh Pillai emphasises that formal education and prior experience are not prerequisites for this unique opportunity.

“What matters is the fire within to become a chef and the unbridled love in making food. Anyone with a genuine love for food and a genuine desire to serve others can join our team,” he says in the video. Chef Suresh Pillai’s bold decision to prioritise passion and enthusiasm over formal qualifications has created a big buzz. In fact, he is reminding us that the essence of cooking lies in the heartfelt desire to bring happiness to others through food. Those interested can mail their resume to

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