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Young Kerala lawyer smashes stigma, inspires women to flex muscles!

Gratzia J Vettiyankal

This lawyer from Kottayam in Kerala really flexes her muscles when it comes to breaking gender stereotypes. At a time when there is still a lot of stigma attached to women building muscles and exposing the body to show the musculature and symmetry, Gratzia J Vettiyankal, 23, is smashing the stigma by scripting success in the world of bodybuilding, which is largely considered a man’s sport.

Gratzia started hitting the gym at the age of 20 to lose weight and maintain a healthy body. But, what began as an activity for physical fitness quickly turned into something much bigger. As she delved deeper into her fitness regimen, she discovered a passion for strength training and bodybuilding.

As she took up bodybuilding seriously, she realised that she needed to break free from the constraints of gender stereotypes to ultimately redefine her identity and ambitions.

Gratzia at the gym

With unwavering determination, she embarked on a rigorous training regimen, pushing her body to its limits and defying preconceived notions of what women are capable of achieving in the world of bodybuilding.

Her dedication and perseverance soon began to yield results when she won a gold medal in the District Arm Wrestling competition in 2022 and later the Miss Kottayam title in 2023.

“In a field where men predominate, it’s common for women to be discouraged from doing almost anything. Without giving much attention to the criticism and negative remarks that society slaps on us, one should always follow their passion. Everyone has the right to pursue what they love, and no one should feel guilty or ashamed about doing so,” Gratzia told “Open Digest“.

Gratzia, who practices as a lawyer at the Ettumanoor Family Court, is now preparing to pursue an LLM course at NIMS University in Jaipur. She says that women are equally capable of being strong and athletic as men. “It is very essential for women to maintain good physical fitness for a healthier lifestyle,” she said.

Gratzia along with her parents

Her father, Joy Joseph, 60, a retired professor, and mother, Molly George, 60, a psychologist, are her pillars of support. “My parents, friends, and coaches are my true supporters. They have given me the confidence and strength to be what I am and chase my dreams. Apart from pursuing higher studies in LLB and building a career as a lawyer, my dream is to compete in national and international bodybuilding competitions,” she said.

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  1. Stella May 16, 2024

    I feel proud for Gratzia. She has proved herself.She gave more importance for her passion and that’s what today’s female should go for. We need to love ourself n do what we feel about.

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