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Young Malappuram girl turns her paper craft hobby into successful business  

Shadeedha M K

Shadeedha M K of Malappuram started paper crafting as a free time activity out of passion. But now this 20-year-old young Malappuram girl has evolved as an entrepreneur who successfully converted her hobby into a revenue generating business. Each of her stunning art work in paper craft is sold at a price ranging between Rs 300 and Rs 3000.

Shadeedha of Iruvetty in Areekode has even earned an entry into Indian Book of Records for making a maximum number of miniature paper craft explosion boxes and scrapbooks. Recently, she also won the title of Grand Master in the Asian Book of Records.

Shadeedha began making craft items using paper from her young age. But her family realised her real talent in paper crafts when they noticed her making new craft items every day to present as gifts to her sisters and family members.

“My sisters were my first clients. I enjoyed making new things to give them as gifts. Seeing my passion to do new things in paper craft, my elder sister Shamila Binth created an Instagram page named sorelle_artista two years ago and started posting my works. It became a big hit and people started placing orders for my works” Shadeedha told “Open Digest”

As word spread, Shadeedha began to receive orders from other states like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. “I am also getting orders from friends and relatives through my Instagram page and WhatsApp. I have delivered around 200 orders in the last two years. I charge Rs 300 to a maximum of Rs 3000 or Rs 4000 for each work,” she added.

Though Shadeedha started creating explosion boxes, she is now into the creation of a wide variety of crafts such as scrapbooks, photo frames, hampers, cards, men’s wallets etc. Shadeedha is also into calligraphy engraving in metal sheets. Her parents — Jaleel M K and Shahadath–extend her full support in pursuing her passion in paper crafts.

Shadeedha, who is currently doing her second-year graduation in Economics from Sullamussalam Arabic College at Areekode, utilises her free time for paper craft works. “I spend about one to two hours every day working on my craft. I am getting tremendous support from my family and friends. My family and friends were all excited and happy when I won an entry into the Asian Book of Records and Indian Book of Records,” Shadeedha added.

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