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9 Kerala startups that stood out in 2023 for innovation & sustainability

The nine startups in Kerala selected by Open Digest for their innovative efforts in bringing about positive societal change.

1. iHub Robotics – This startup based out of Kochi has rapidly gained recognition for its innovative robots, which have the potential to disrupt several industrial sectors. The startup has successfully secured a significant investment from Qatar Investment Frame, which has acquired a two per cent stake in the company. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for iHub Robotics and signals a new era of growth and opportunity for the startup.

Akhil Haridas, Athil Krishna and Sarath S, the three founders of iHub Robotics in Kochi, Kerala.
Akhil Haridas Athil Krishna and Sarath S the three founders of iHub Robotics in Kochi Kerala Image Credit i Hub Robotics

2.  Bodhwi Technologies Pvt Ltd – This startup founded by three friends from Kerala developed an online platform “Find My Hostel”, a solution that would alleviate the stress associated with finding affordable and convenient living spaces for students and young professionals.

Find My Hostel
From Left Shiyas V P Hanzal Salim and Jithin Babu

3. SK Electronics – This startup founded by a young engineer of Payyavoor in Kerala has come out with a cost-effective milk analyser, providing a much-needed solution for dairy farmers who want to assess the quality of their milk. The cost-effective milk analyser developed by Sanith P S is an alternative to expensive milk analysers available in Indian market. Inspired by the challenges faced by local dairy farmers in assessing the quality of the milk produced, Sanith worked for nearly three years to develop this cutting-edge milk analyser that is affordable without compromising on accuracy.

Sanith P S
Sanith P S

4. Pelican Kenterra Private Limited – This startup founded by a Pharma scientist Dr C N Manoj along with two other persons has developed a natural composting accelerator/inoculum called “Composorb” which turns all biodegradable wastes like kitchen waste, food waste, meat, fish, fruit peels, seeds and vegetable waste into a nutrient rich organic planting media and manure. The startup now offers the most sustainable and cost-effective waste management solution to all high-rise apartments in the country. While bio-degradable waste is converted into manure and used as an alternative to sand to fill the medians of Kochi Metro, the plastic waste is segregated and shifted to proper recycling units.

Kenterra Founder Dr C N Manoj
Kenterra Founder Dr C N Manoj Centre along with his staff at RDS Nedungadan Residency in Kochi

5. Fuselage Innovations – This startup founded by siblings – Devika and Devan Chandrasekharan of Cherthala in Alappuzha – is using drone technology to boost farm yield. They introduced two drones—Niriksh and Fiya—after conducting research and development on how drones could be used to identify pest problems and apply fertilisers in crops planted in large tracts of farmland. While the drone Niriksh, equipped with sensors, analyses pest attacks and nutrient deficiencies at an early stage in crops, the drone Fiya applies pesticides and fertilisers to the specific plants identified by Niriksh.

Devan Chandrasekharan and Devika Chandrasekharan.
Devan Chandrasekharan and Devika Chandrasekharan

6. Nava Design & Innovation Pvt Ltd – This startup founded by a group of young engineers in Kerala is set to revolutionise the traditional toddy tapping with an ingenious robot that can swiftly tap toddy from coconut trees. Nearly after six years of research and development, the startup is finally all geared up to launch their flagship product Saper, a robot designed specifically for tapping coconut sap, in the commercial market.

From left : Charles Vijay V, Anup Sebastian and R Sreehari
From left Charles Vijay V Anup Sebastian and R Sreehari

7. – This startup founded by four friends harnesses the latest advancements in technology to help farmers increase yield while reducing input costs through the power of technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). Their innovative solutions integrate IoT devices, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to empower farmers with actionable insights and efficient practices.

Founders of
Prince John Ebin Alias and Richard Joy of uFarmsio

8. Greenamor Ventures – This startup founded by a young woman engineer has developed eco-friendly containers as an alternative to plastic containers. The startup is determined to combat the plastic pollution crisis by introducing the eco-friendly containers made using coir waste and bio-polymers extracted from plants. After successfully developing a prototype, Ardra and her startup Greenamor Ventures are now looking forward to commercial production of the containers which are completely environmentally friendly and can deliver the same purpose as plastic containers.

Ardra Nair
Ardra Nair

9. Sastra Robotics – This start up incubated under Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) will export 150 robots to Britain in a deal to be signed with one of the top IT companies in the United Kingdom (UK). The robots developed by Sastra Robotics will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform quality testing tasks that cannot be done by human beings. Equipped with advanced robotic arms, these robots function like human hands and fingers, and are primarily used to figure out defects in areas like mobile, space, defence, banking, and sophisticated equipment.

Sastra Robotics
The team of Sastra Robotics From left to right Asif Dadamiya Ismail DirectorHead of Engineering Aronin Ponnappan Co founderCEO Akhil Ashokan Co founderCOO

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