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A century-old Banyan Tree returns to life in Kerala

The Banyan Tree at Kuzhiyam in Kollam

People of a small hamlet in Kollam, Kerala, are on cloud nine as their efforts to rejuvenate a 100-year-old Banyan tree have yielded results, with fresh leaves appearing on the tree.

The village of Kuzhiyam in Kollam has been home to a majestic 100-year-old Banyan tree that has been a cherished symbol of life, unity, and tradition for the residents. However, a few months ago, the tree started showing alarming signs of decay, causing distress among the local people who had grown up under its sprawling canopy.

To protect and rejuvenate the tree, the villagers embarked on a journey to revive their beloved Banyan tree. The turning point in their quest came with the arrival of K. Binu, a renowned arborist and tree doctor, who offered his expertise to help save the ailing Banyan. Binu, who has spent decades studying and treating trees, was deeply moved by the villagers’ commitment to preserving their natural heritage.

“We all got united to save the tree. Everybody chipped in for the common cause. We are really happy that our efforts have yielded positive results. The tree responded to the treatment, and fresh leaves have started to grow,” said Bhanu Vikraman, a resident and president of the local NSS Karayogam.

The villagers, guided by Binu’s wisdom, began to nurture the tree with a blend of age-old remedies. They fed the tree a mixture of honey, ghee, and milk, renowned for their healing properties, along with a gentle sprinkling of sand to provide essential minerals. The process was not just about healing the tree physically but also symbolized the community’s emotional investment in its well-being.

“The treatment started on September 11, and we diligently tended to the tree, ensuring it received the care it so desperately needed,” Bhanu said.

As fresh leaves started sprouting from the once barren branches and the tree’s vigor began to return, the villagers erupted with boundless joy.

“I can’t believe the change we’ve witnessed in such a short time. Our Banyan tree is coming back to life, and it’s all thanks to our united efforts and Binu’s expertise. This tree has been a part of our lives, shading us from the scorching sun, providing a place for our gatherings, and symbolizing our unity. We couldn’t bear to lose it,” Bhanu added.

As the Banyan tree continues its remarkable recovery, the residents of Kuzhiyam are more committed than ever to protect and preserve their natural heritage. It stands not only as a testament to the enduring power of the community but also as a symbol of the indomitable spirit of nature itself.

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