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A group of families in Kochi is winning hearts by cooking food for patients

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A group of families in Kochi is on a noble mission serving food to the patients of Government Medical College Hospital in Kalamassery. They prepare food at their homes once a month and deliver it to the hospital for the patients.

The mission, which was started by Kerala Catholic Youth Movement (KCYM) of Cruz Milagres Church at Ochanthuruth as a simple gesture to help the needy, has now become a heartwarming initiative due to the unwavering support of over 150 families in the parish who have stepped in as the culinary backbone, preparing the food for the patients with love and care.

Their involvement is not only a testament to the power of unity but also a reflection of the strength of community bonds. For the last six months, the food prepared in each home in the parish is collected and delivered to the patients by a group of compassionate youngsters from KCYM who have come together to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

“We initially started the program as a one-time event. But when we went to the hospital, we realised how important our mission is, and we decided to continue it every month and we have been doing it for the past six months,” said Mary Nicey Dsilva, a member of the group who delivers the food to the hospital.

KCYM Kurishingal President Juan Elton Figarado said the long queue of patients waiting for food was an eye-opener. “As we started small, we couldn’t provide food to everyone initially. But now we collect as much food from every family in the parish, and we try our best to ensure that everyone is fed,” he added.

On a selected Sunday every month, the youngsters arrive at the hospital carrying freshly cooked meals prepared by the parish families. The menu varies, ensuring a mix of flavours and nutrition to cater to the diverse needs of the patients. What makes this initiative particularly heartwarming is the personal touch and love that goes into every meal.

The mission launched by the families is a testament to the spirit of benevolence and compassion that is very much alive and thriving in our community. It’s a shining example of how individuals with a shared vision can come together and bring a positive change to society. This noble act of food delivery not only fills empty stomachs but also warms the hearts of patients, proving that a little love and care can go a long way in making the world a better place.

(This article is written by journalism student Ann Saniya Gomez of St Albert’s College, Ernakulam as part of our Youth Skill Development Initiative organised in association with St Albert’s College and Global Educational Consultants)

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